Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and are relatively prepared for the Holidays and the New Year. It just so happens I have gotten the motivation to set aside the time for a new tying video. This particular video details the sequence on how to tie a Feather Tail Jig, light on the rant, heavy on fishing information. Look for a follow up video on a smaller version of the same pattern using some other materials and how to scale the patterns size down accordingly.

If you tie yourself, you can now order my custom poured jigs here:  NEDHEADS  BALLHEAD JIGS or if you do not tie, you can order these flies here:  FEATHER TAIL JIG.  If you haven't already, subscribe to our monthly newsletter where you can get in depth and timely information on the prevailing local conditions, tying tips, occassional deals and promotions on flies and materials.  This month I take a deep dive into tying with and selecting the proper bucktail.  Give it a follow, check it out, tell your friends.  For now, lets grab a beverage, a pen and paper and sit back and have fun.