Guide Trips

I am happy to once again be able to open up my services as a guide on some of the waters that I have grown very fond of. My availability for the season will be as I see fit.  In essence, I will list a date and it will be first come first serve.  My fly tying business has taken front and center and I prefer to fill my time on the water at my own accord.  I will post a date to those interested and it will be first come first served.   Contact me via email or phone and we can go from there.  Here are some of the services that I will have to offer:


Half day float one angler $350
Half day float two anglers $400

Full day float one angler $500
Full day float two anglers $600

Remember we target Trout, Smallmouth Bass and northern Pike, because of this I do not confine my floats to one particular river.  My river of choice for every outing will revolve on a variety of variables; species, water conditions and most of all how it has been fishing. 


Lunch included on all full day floats, snacks and beverages on half day floats.