I know that it has been several months since my last fly tying video, but unfortunately that is the reality of a commercial fly tier at times.  It is very easy to get "wrapped up" so to speak in the constant wheel of tying flies in large quantities for people to enjoy.  I always say that I will make a concerted effort to set time aside to put more fly pattern recipes to video, but once the weather starts to turn I find myself opting to slide out of the shop and disappearing into some water somewhere much more appealing than staying inside for a few more hours spinning bugs or behind a computer uploading and editing video files.  I bet most of you wouldn't blame me in the least.  

One of the shining stars from this past season in regards to different patterns that I put into the water a little more regularly was the fly I am about to show you.  The Dumpster Dinner, (outrageous name I realize) is an entirely synthetic concoction that falls into the realm of what I would consider a "guide fly".  Now I can already see a few of you seasoned fly tiers out there rolling your eyes wondering since when does a two part fly make the cut into the designation of being a guide fly?  Well before you burn me at the stake, I will explain myself.  The basis of this pattern relies on a few very basic tying sequences that are repeated throughout the construction of the fly.  Based upon that primary reason, that is where I have deemed this pattern a guide fly as the basic tying sequences you will see in the video are what make this fly even easy for a beginner to master in a relatively short time frame. 

Over the last few seasons I had been asked by many new fly tiers if there were any relatively simple articulated streamer patterns I could recommend to them to start with.  This got the wheels turning in my brain so to speak and well, here we are.  A very suggestive pattern to say the least, but one that is relatively easy to tie and fun to fish.  I bring to you the Dumpster Dinner, and of course a rather lengthy rant in the beginning to make up for some lost time between videos.  Have a great day.