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Headbanger Sculpin

A heavy sculpin that works the lower part of the water column, the single hook is the Groupie Sculpin, the articulated is the Headbanger.  To purchase the single, mini articulated, large articulated or 3 section articulated, click on the size dropdown in the menu.  


Ice Pick Streamer

My hopped up variation to a zonker.  Completely different fly that has much more movement.


Mini Masked Avenger

The micro version of the big dog.  Coming in a 2-3.5" range.  Color combos listed are not the only available, ask and you shall receive.


Goat Rodeo

Looking to get down?  Here's an alternative answer.  This guy is sporting a pair of tungsten cones buried in the head and a custom tungsten bead and glass beaded combo in the connection that does dual purpose as a rattle.  She's not for the faint of heart. 


Headcase Crayfish

Top end for size articulated crayfish with vertical and horizontal movement.  This particular pattern has crossed over into the saltwater realm as well, and has fooled many saltwater species as a juvenile lobster.  Rattles, articulation, doesn't get much better, a big fish catcher.


Masked Avenger

A weightless multi-sectioned streamer built out of flash and Arctic Fox Fur.  One of my favorite streamers for larger trout and also for pike. 


Realistic Baitfish

Light as a feather semi realistic baitfish pattern that has earned its keep in both fresh and saltwater environs.  A lateral line can easily be added if wanted, just drop a comment in the checkout and we can go from there.


Cellar Dwellar

Bottom Bouncing jig type streamer.  This was the precursor to the headbanger when it comes to lower water column streamers.  Great for trout, even better for smallmouth bass.


Bloody Baitfish

The warmup streamer to the Ice Pick. Ultra lightweight zonker style streamer.  



Hog Snare

Whether it's 2 or 3 sections, its a movement rich pattern for whatever you're chasing. Whether it's 2 or 3 sections, its a movement rich pattern for whatever you're chasing. 


Chinese Dragon

A solid, 3 part light predator fly. Good for pike and muskie


Pike Dart

One of my go to pike patterns that I never leave home without.  Color combos are pretty endless, but I listed some of my favorites.  Feel free to contact me for special requests.  This fly comes in at 7"-9".


Rats Nest

Multipurpose fly that can be fished dead drift or stripped like a streamer. Never leave home without one, I don't.


Laser Muddler

New age version of the muddler minnow that swims well and has a much more sleeker streamlined appearance.  The fly itself is made entirely out of dubbing, laser dub primarily with a body of ice dub.  Great pattern that catches all kinds of species.



A medium to large streamer depending on the size you choose.  This guy has a little bit of everything, what I like to call the lovechild of an Ice Pick and a Hog Snare.  I really dig the larger 3 section version for pike, but the 2 section fly does do work for trout and bass.  You pick the size and the colors, custom color combos upon request.