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Shimmer Stone

Flashy backed larger stonefly pattern.  This one has been a great cross between a realistic and attractor pattern.   Accounts for big fish every season and can be done with tungsten upon request.  Get the real ones here where the fly originated,  enough said. 


Rats Nest

Multipurpose fly that can be fished dead drift or stripped like a streamer. Never leave home without one, I don't.


Classified Caddis Pupa

My spin off of Gary Lafontaine's sparkle pupa.  This particular fly is the only one I fish for caddis pupa.  Pick your sizes accordingly to the hatches in your neighborhood.  Beaded to be fished deep, no bead for an emerger.  This fly is my favorite pupa pattern. If uncertain here is a general breakdown but I can tie them however you'd like.
Bright Green:  14,16,18
Black Caddis: 16,18
Tan: 12,14,16
Cream: 12,14,16
Dark Blue Sedge: 12,10
Pumpkin: 12,10,8


Infant Stone

My favorite micro stonefly nymph.  This guy has been nothing short of a workhorse over the years taken some truly great fish. 


Quill Bodied Jig

A mulit-segmented tungsten jig pattern that works well under a variety of conditions.  Great Anchor pattern. 


Woven Mayfly Nymph

Great two toned and weighted tight line nymph for some of your medium to larger species of mayflies.  Does double duty as a stonefly in some situations. 



My go to micro nymph for any smaller nymphs you may encounter.  Representative of a small mayfly and or a midge if you trim the legs streamside.  This little guy is simple and effective. 


Rock Candy Larva

My go to anchor when tight line nymphing.  A great representation of a caddis larva
Weight breakdown:  #6,8 5/32" tungsten bead.  10,12 1/8", 14 3/32".  Heavier or lighter upon request. 



A workhorse midge pattern that is virtually indestructible.  This fly can be fished deep, suspended or dropped below a dry fly.  One of my favorite attractor colored midge patterns.  


Synthetic Quill Nymph

Great simple in the round micro nymph to be fished in a euro style rig.  Another workhorse pattern when confronted with smaller nymph activity.  If you see a color you want not listed, please feel free to contact me and I can tie these up for you. 


Jacked Up Hares Ear

Jig version of the ever popular hares ear nymph.  This one is tied in the round and is a great all around pattern used in a tight line or euro nymph rig.  The addition of tungsten and underwire wraps help this guy penetrate to the depths.  I never leave home without these.