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Dry Flies

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Tiny Dancer Caddis

My spinoff of the winter caddis we see here on the Farmington.  Believe it or not, but these little guys hatch across the United States, and if you want a nice caddis to skate, here's the pattern.


Busted Stone

A big gnarly foam based pattern for those larger stoneflies that you may encounter.  Works well out west and out here in the east.


Dust Bunny Stone

A small dry fly for those smaller species of stoneflies. Great little dry fly pattern to represent those minute species, easy on the eyes as the foam sighter makes it very visible to the angler.  


Shucked Up Emerger

My ever popular snowshoe rabbit mayfly emerger pattern.  This is pretty much all I fish for mayfly emergences unless there is a spinner fall.  If you don't see a color option you need, email me or give a call and we can take care of it. 


RF Caddis

A rabbits foot winged flush riding hackle-less caddis fly.  A merging of two styles of caddis patterns with some added flare.


Spectrumized Elk Hair Emerger

A household emerger style pattern utilizing elk hair as opposed to cdc.  Very durable workhorse pattern for some of the medium to larger mayfly hatches that you will encounter.  I like to have some variety in my boxes, and this one fills that void when I run out of rabbit feet.  


Winter Caddis Foam Emerger

The staple fly that was designed by a crew of regulars on the banks of the Farmington.  This is a staple pattern tied to true to form to replicate our famed Summer/Winter Caddis hatch.  Skittered or dead drift, don't leave home without them.  If you cant see these that well, choose the brighter colored variations in the drop down menu.