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Tacky Tacky Predator Fly Box The Predator Fly Box If you’re hunting for meat eating fish in fresh or salt water, you nee.. Product #: 043 based on 0 reviews Regular price: $50.00 $50.00 In Stock

Tacky Predator Fly Box

Product Code: 043
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Price: $50.00

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The Predator Fly Box

If you’re hunting for meat eating fish in fresh or salt water, you need a box that can handle giant flies tied on giant hooks. The Tacky Predator Box is your answer. We have re-engineered our silicone mat to be more versatile/functional than any other product on the market. With this new patent pending technique we can specify slit diameter with unparalleled precision. What does this mean for you? Extreme gripping power with zero memory so your biggest, and likely most expensive, flies stay right where you want them. Each Predator Box also includes a set of “Tacky Wishbones” which corral your articulated flies and can be placed anywhere in the box for complete customizability. We know you need uncompromised performance when you are hunting the fish of a lifetime, and we think you’ll agree, “this dog’ll hunt”.

• Patent-pending molded slit silicone insert
• Holds up to 72 streamers depending on size • Strong magnetic closure that’s built to last



11” x 6 x 1.5” 21 oz

Item: PD0010717 UPC: 8 60882 00015 0 Made in China 

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