I could have braved the masses like the rest of the holiday shoppers; long lines, complete disregard for others, mad dashes in parking lots for the closer spots; but I didn't.

 I could have sat on the couch, stuffed my face gluttonously with more of the left overs from a Thanksgiving feast, adding to the that ever growing winter waistline; but I didn't.

 I could have spent the day raking those leaves that continue to blow over onto my lawn from the neighbors oak trees, curse those bloody trees; but I didn't. 

I could have painted that molding that has taken its fair share of abuse over the years that is staring me in the face every day; but I didn't.

 I could've went out on the Farmington  River for the day and joined the masses of people who like myself had the day off and wanted to tangle with a trout or two.  The day prior a few of my friends mentioned the river was pretty crowded; but I didn't.

Instead I decided to break out the glass rod, strap it to my backpack and head out with a friend on a hike to a small blue line, and hopefully touch a few of those wily little natives that I cut my teeth on as a kid.  I can't think of a better way to spend a mild wet day in November, and I am thankful that I made the right choice.

You all know my fondness for my Flycraft Stealth, it has become my single favorite piece of gear hands down in the last season. Well Ben and Brandon are launching something special on Monday, here's a few pictures to get you excited. More to follow on Monday. For now, have a happy Thanksgiving!


If you are interested in picking up a signed copy of my new book, here is where you can do so. If you have any special requests when I personalize it, there is a comment box upon purchase allowing you to do so. Thanks again!



dave K
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