Well, well, well, another busy spring is almost behind us all. I can’t help but sit back and reflect on how fortunate I have been so far this year, and the many great experiences that have come my way. Although it seems like just yesterday, Memorial Day Weekend is already upon us, and the weather looks to be relatively cooperative for the most part.

We are closing in on the halfway point of 2016 at an alarming pace, and it has been quite a good year on the water too. Regardless of the flows, locally the fishing has been very good although many people have questioned my ability to get out there and fish on a very regular basis, I am here to tell you that I have been able to sneak away every week to a vacant stretch of water to keep my sanity.

The Regal has been smoking as well, and my current back up on flies is running about 7-8 weeks at the moment. If you need bugs for a trip later this summer, I highly recommend getting in line now or else I can’t promise you’ll get them in time.

Several customers have been sending in some really neat photos of their catches with some of my bugs, and it has seemed like an every other day ordeal. Keep them coming folks, it is never a bother, and it brings me pleasure to see the excitement of your catches.

Many of my patterns with MFC are dialed in and shipping to fly shops all over, and the quality is right where it is expected to be. If your shop doesn’t carry any of them, give them a holler and I am certain they won’t be disappointed.

Lastly, one of the more readily known flies just received some added press in the pages of Field and Stream magazine. The Shimmer Stone made the cut as one of the top 20 new commercial patterns available. It was totally unexpected, but I was happy to see that particular fly continue to get some recognition as it is nothing short of a consistent fish catcher.

Well, I must go now, I have to hit the road to meet up with my girls for the weekend. I wish you all a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend, go out and enjoy it with family and friends and I will be back with more interesting stuff in the weeks and months to come.



Recently I posted a quick little video detailing my homemade dubbing block and how to spin up your own dubbing brushes.  Many of us tyers enjoy using dubbing brushes and building them for that matter as they can give your fly patterns some wonderful effects.  Well, up until recently there really wasn't much of an inexpensive option out there for a dubbing brush device.  Many of the motorized units are several hundred dollars which makes them rather cost prohibitive for the casual tyer. 


Stonfo, an Italian company has changed that tremendously with their new tool now being distributed by Hareline.  Here is a quick video on the product, and some quick instructions on how to spin a brush with this great tool.  If you are hoping to find one for yourself, drop me an email as I will have these in stock this coming week and will retail for $60.00 making them a great addition to any tyers bench.  Look for them in the fly store in the next week as well. 


I will be away again this weekend, but making a trek to a place I hold dearly.  I am going to go back a bit and rewind to one of my favorite posts on my old blog.  If you wanna read it, check it out here:  549


I will have a solid post upon my return. Enjoy your weekends.



Chris Valko
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