So here we are again, another season has come and gone and a new calendar year is merely hours away.  There were as any year provides some ups and downs, more responsibilities dumped on my plate, but overall it was another very very fine year of fishing and opportunity.  


Some of the highlights were finally finding a UV resin that does everything it claims in Solarez; becoming an advisor with Thomas & Thomas rods and getting the opportunity to work closely on a streamer specific rod series in the Exocett SS; and lastly meeting several more great like minded anglers at Dally’s Streamer Lovefest.  


I once again spent several days on not only the waters nearby, but on some new to me places as well, further broadening the scope of places that I have fished.  In 2018 there are many more  new places for me that I anxiously await and I look forward to what else is to come.  To all of you out there, may you have a safe and happy new year and I hope 2018 turns out to be everything that you hope for.  For now, here is a reflection through pictures of 2017……..



Ken Block
Received my order last week and yesterday went to the Farmington for the first time all year. Conditions were perfect and the fish were cooperative. … read more