Well folks, the time has come and I am happy to say that I have with the help of my web guy Todd, finally integrated my online web shop into the website.  The shop itself is going to be a constant work in progress as I continue to add content to it in a variety of ways, but for the most part all of the flies  that were listed in the old shop, including a couple new ones are present.  When you click on specific color schemes under each fly, you will quickly get a photo to the left of the description that will coincide with the correct color scheme.  I will however advise you all, not all colors are represented this way however.  If the color is not represented, the site defaults to the image that you initially see for that particular item.  As time goes on, I will filter in pictures for all of the color schemes listed so that while you are perusing the shop, you can simply click the color scheme you are interested in and be able to see exactly what the fly looks like.  This task will take some time so please bear with me.   


You will all notice that the materials section when you click on it is currently empty.  I still have all the materials for any of the flies tied in my library of videos if you need to purchase some to tie those bugs.  I haven't quite figured out exactly how I want to lay out the materials in that particular section of the store.  A simple email will continue to start the process of getting you those wanted materials until I venture into that secondary project.  Again, please bear with me while I figure out what will be the best plan to provide you all a listing of those sought out materials.  

On a side note, I currently have a full compliment of Scud Dub from Yellowstone Fly Goods in stock for making my Classified Caddis Pupa, so feel free to drop an email if you need any dubbing and I will invoice you accordingly.  Having everything integrated into one area will make things much easier from a business perspective and hopefully help all of my customers easily find what they are looking for.    

One thing that hasn't changed is the quality of the flies that you will recieve.  I wouldn't sell you a fly that I wouldn't put in my own fly boxes, on the best hooks and with the best materials.  For more details just go to the shop tab or click HERE.  Thank you all and have a great day. 



Dave J
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