Tomorrow I head out to meet up with my good friend Mike Schmidt of Anglers Choice Flies for roughly a week away on the White River and Dallys Streamer Love Fest.  Not gonna lie, I am very excited to say the least to finally step into that river and see what all the fuss is about.  Zero expectations, well on the fishing that is, I thoroughly plan on having a great time with some familiar faces both on and off the water throughout the duration of our stay.  So that being said, I figured I had better get my act together before I leave and take care of an old promise I had for many of you a while back; better late than never right?

I finally managed to shoot the tying sequence for the Masked Avenger 2.0, and you can watch it below.  I plan on fishing a few of these down there this week if the conditions dictate accordingly.  As always, enjoy the video and I will update you on my trip when I return.  Happy tying!




Chris Valko
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