A few weeks back I promised you all after the Mini Masked Avenger live feed on Facebook that I would shoot the video and upload it to Vimeo.  Well, better late than never I suppose and I am happy to say that the video is now live for your viewing pleasure.  There are some added tasty nuggets of knowledge in there in regards to hooks so pay close attention as I guide you through the tying process.  

As I noted on social media, I will be doing another live feed tonight at 9 PM Eastern time (Tueseday January 3 2017).  In this particular video  I will be taking an old pattern and giving it a facelift with some of my favorite new materials.  So put the kids to bed early, grab a beverage of choice and join me as I spin up some bloody baitfish variants.  Till then





Paul S.
I've had Rich's book for a couple seasons now and it has been a great asset. The book combined with the videos and Rich's generous help with question … read more