This week for our live feed session I will be tying a fly you haven’t seen me tie yet. Now hold up there before you all go losing your minds on me, I’m just going to let you know I didn’t reinvent the wheel here. Although I do tie some complex flies from time to time, I prefer to tie and fish rather simple patterns when ever I can. Maybe my years guiding cemented this idea, but whatever it was I can lay a bet most of you out there would rather spend less time tying flies and more time fishing. Sound about right?

Well this weeks fly should suit you well if that’s the case, and oh by the way it is a saltwater based pattern, but with a hook change you could easily toss this guy in a freshwater environment. The silly rabbit streamer is nothing more than the title states; another silly (as in easy) version of a rabbit streamer, bonito bunny, zonker, or whatever you want to call it. All I have really done is taken the time to show you a rather quick way to make a relatively foul-proof rabbit streamer using a couple of different materials aside from the obvious rabbit strip. And the beautiful thing about this little guy is you won’t feel so bad if you donate a few to Poseidon or some old rusty shipwreck when you're out there parting the sea on your buddies boat.

So, that being said, join me this Wednesday 11/09/16 at 9:00 PM Eastern time as I tie up a couple of my favorite variations of the Silly Rabbit Streamer. You read that correctly, I said a couple (that means 2 or more if you know me ) Just so you all know, this will be the last Wednesday Live Feed, after this week my good friend Mike Schmidt and I will be alternating Tuesdays from here on out. So tune in, bring your questions and sip your favorite beverage of choice.



Silly Rabbit Streamer Recipe

Hook: Partridge Patriot Stinger size 1,2. or Gamakatsu SC15
Thread: Veevus 140 Powerthread Black
Wing: 1/8” Rabbit Strip
Foulguard: 20 pound mono
Collar: EP Minnow Head Brush
Head: #4 Fishmask with Living Eyes
Flash (optional) Holographic Flashabou, Crystal Flash, Mirage Flashabou. Whatever your heart desires.




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