Wednesday Night, 10/26/16 at 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time Installment 2 of the live feed tying series will be on another one of my MFC patterns, the Shimmer Stone. Seems that there is more interest in seeing this one tied once again live with the chance to ask questions in real time. I will tie the  golden stone color, but will also discuss some of the other finer things in relation to sizes and colors of the pattern.

As I state in my book, if anyone told me I only had one nymph to fish, it would hands down be a stone fly imitation and this guy is one of my favorites. Spread the word, tell your fishing friends to like the Facebook page and join us as we kick back on hump day and wind up another one of my patterns. If you haven’t already, you can also check out this pattern and many more in my book, Catching Shadows, Tying Flies For the Toughest Fish and Strategies for Fishing Them by Stackpole Books.

So get your vise and materials ready, a beverage of choice and all the questions you might have about this fly pattern and I will see you all Wednesday night. 

Golden Shimmer Stone Recipe:

Hook: Partridge Sproat Nymph G3A/LY or TMC 2312/2302 or Daiichi 1260 size 12-6.

Bead: Copper size to match, Tungsten optional.

Tail/Antenna: Hareline Ginger Life Flex.

Underbody: Lead-free wire .020”-.025” Covered with Yellow Uni-stretch.

Thread: Yellow UTC 140.

Abdomen: Brown Hareline Flashy Back Under Light Golden Stone Hareline D-Rib size Medium. Thorax: Hareline Hare-tron Dubbin Golden Stone.

Legs: March Brown Brahma Hen.

Wingcase: Brown Hareline Flashy Back.





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