Now that I have settled into my new house and pretty much built out my shop, it's time to get back on track.  What I am here to tell you is I will be hosting live tying feeds on my Facebook page starting this coming Wednesday October 12, 2016 at 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.  You can check those out HERE, and be sure to tell your tying friends to tune in, like the page and share the address.  The beauty of the live feed is you all can ask questions while I tie making it almost as if I was tying with you in your own homes. To kick off the live feed I will be tying the smaller 3.5" articulated headbanger and providing some finer insight into the patterns construction.  If you were not able to see me tie this pattern this past winter, here's your chance.  Unlike the larger version, this particular one is much more feasible for even the casual streamer fisherman but has a couple of tricks in the construction that are paramount to a proportionate fly.  Tune in Wednesday night and check out this proven pattern which is now available through Montana Fly Company.  The color scheme will be a surprise, that's about all I can tell you.


Small Articulated Headbanger Recipe
Rear Hook:  Gamakatsu SP1-3L3H or Partridge Universal predator size 6
Thread:  Veevus 140 power thread olive
Flash:  Magnum holographic Flashabou
Tails:  Marabou
Body: Schlappen & Medium Cactus Chenille
Legs:  Barred Crazy Legs
Wing:  Arctic Fox
Connection:  19 Strand Beadalon and 1 3D Bead
Front Hook:  Gamakatsu B10s or Partridge Attitude size 4/2
Collar:  Marabou and Magnum holographic Flashabou
Body: Schlappen & Medium Cactus Chenille
Legs:  Barred Crazy Legs
Wing:  Arctic Fox
Pecs:  Senyo Laser Dub
Head:  Small Sculpin Helmet



Hey Rich-

Just wanted to say thanks. The shirt is great and the cellar dweller is a work of art! All of your flies are! I'm not sure if you are … read more