Well folks it took me 10 years, but I finally made the plunge to YouTube.  For several reasons I stuck with Vimeo over YouTube, but there is simply no denying that the YouTube audience is much greater and farther reaching.  I will continue to keep the Vimeo channel, but I am happy to say that over the course of the next few years, the new channel shall grow into something much bigger and better as my transitional phase back into the  flyfishing world full time draws near.  

Please bear with me as I learn the finer points of setting up this channel to continually make it better and provide some educational and highly informative tying videos with some other fishing related stuff sprinkled in.  So enough of the hot air, below is the first installment; a fully synthetic mayfly emerger that uses the relatively newer EP Trigger Point fibers and dubbing that I had great success fishing this past year.  Give it a view, and please subscribe to the channel.  My plans are to build one giant library of videos for you all to enjoy.  


Many inquiries were made in the last year in regards to the fly locker that I had posted online on the seatback of my Flycraft. It’s not everyday you get a piece of gear named after you, was kind of surprised to be honest, but our original name was deemed moderately inappropriate so I kinda understand why.

A couple of seasons back I had spoken with Scott Hunter, the owner of Vedavoo in regards to building this little gem. The most important attribute in my eyes was the lockers ability to come apart easily from the seat attachment so that the fisherman could quickly remove it from his raft or drift boat and bring it inside or on place it on the dash of their ride to dry out their flies. If some of you recall seeing the front passengers side dashboard of my truck, you would remember seeing the large pieces of 6 mm foam that I used as drying racks for my flies after a days fishing.

Protect the investment; the flies are as important as your rod and reel and there is nothing worse than tying some flies that could last multiple outings only to have rusted hooks because you put them away wet. The Strolis Seatback is the answer, and it saves way more time than having to pull all your flies off the foam patch you have in your boat; just unlatch the velcro and take the whole wallet off the seat and put it on your dashboard or bring it in the house. I love mine, if you need something like this for your boat, I highly recommend getting your hands on one; or maybe two to have a back up plan.

Scott and his crew will make them in whatever color you choose, and there are a whole pile of accessories you can add to hold your tippet, tools and heck even more flies. To see more about the Strolis Seatback, check it out here: https://vedavoo.com/product/strolis/

or go to vedevoo.com and see all the other great things they have for the adventurous angler, and the best thing about it all is everything is built right here by hand in America.  Stay tuned for some of the other great Vedavoo products that I frequently use.  


Competition patterns.  This class will focus on tying a variety of relatively simple yet highly effective fly patterns that members of team USA employ while competing.  All of these are patterns that competitors Lance Egan, Devin Olsen and Josh Miller employ on a regular basis to put fish in the net.  Although this will focus heavily on subsurface nymph patterns, the class will include a surface pattern or two and even a smaller streamer for those situations that will warrant its use.  This class although the flies are relatively simple in nature will have a  variety of very useful tying techniques that will hone the students skill at becoming a better fly tyer. 


All materials will be supplied by the instructor, students will need to a bring their own vise, tools and an array of thread colors in the 8/0 or 70 denier size if possible as extra thread will be brought but may not be available to everyone in attendance.  If you do not have a wide array of thread colors at your disposal, white and black will suffice.  This class will cover 10-14 patterns give or take based solely on the ability of the students to grasp the concepts and techniques.  We will break midway through for lunch, bring your own or expect to eat at the nearby deli. 

February 18th 9 AM -4PM give or take, tuition for the class is $100 and can be secured by contacting Upcountry Sportfishing 352 Main Street New Hartford CT at 860-379-1952. Sign up sooner than later as these classes fill up fast.





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